Angular X
Some experience, but still learning
Using everyday
Chrome Extensions
One extension delivered
Worked with clean, but also PhoneGap and Ionic
Git > SVN
Ionic X
Spent quite some time already... and spending more
Used a lot, still using
Worked for almost two years
Know a thing or two. Maybe even three.
This site is my second ExpressJS project - like it so far
Implementing wherever possible
Using a lot, both ES5 and ES6
Everyday, everywhere...
Everywhere, everyday...
Worked before, worked lately
One project experience, its OK, but prefer SCSS
Worked with for some time but like to avoid
Worked with, knows the concepts

Rafal Radziszewski - Front-End Developer
This site is in very early stage of development.

Recent posts
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Those two can work together, even due to specific limitations
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Ionic 3 Custom Transitions Even More Native
I'm introducing an interesting way of creating a fully-custom page transitions in Ionic 3.

Recent projects
a wedding app for newlyweds & guests

The main feature of is the possibility to collect RSVPs online.

Currently only in Polish.


About it
Basically the image above says almost everything. By default the Google Chromecast™ device does not have an option to stream multiple websites.
SplitCast allows that. Bundled as a Chrome Extension, it delivers the ability to stream unlimited number of sites in a very easy way.
Technologies used
HTML, CSS, jQuery, Chrome Web API, iFrame
An Ionic 3 Mobile App
Still in development.
Let's call it Story App for now, since I don't have the final idea for the name.

For quite some time already I'm working on extending my knowledge about Angular. I remember it was a bit trouble to find an interesting idea for what to do - I wanted to serve myself some demanding tasks and spend the time productively.

There always was that Ionic Framework 3 sitting somewhere in my mind.

So I picked them both and started this project.

Create your story

The main point is to allow users to write their own story. Sentence by sentence. You are able to add only one sentence. Then another user have to add another, so you can... add another.

You've probably seen that idea somewhere before. I did. On the Internet forums probably, maybe even at boring classes in school.

May not sound like a big one, but...

I thought it will take me about 3 months of work to develop that. How wrong I was.

Initially, the idea for backend was PHP, because I was kind of familiar with it. That idea was dropped very quickly. I wanted and decided to learn some NodeJS stuff - ExpressJS to be exact. That's one of the thing that took me some additional time.

I've also ran into some Angular/Ionic issues, some of them were not very motivating (I'll try to describe some of them).

I know, everyone says that after some time in a project - but this thing's much bigger than I thought.

Check my post to find more details about the app, about my design inspirations, about why does it take that much time etc.

Technologies used
Back-End: NodeJS, Express, MySQL, JWT